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Global Commercial Banking

FNB Global Commercial Banking provides banking and financial services, advice and solutions specifically focused on the needs of companies who have business interests and business expansion requirements in Africa, India and China.

A seamless solution

Access a seamless solution to take full advantage of the growing trade inside of Africa as well as between Africa and the rest of the world.
Our services include:

Payments & Receipting Solutions
Financial Solutions
Investment Solutions
Exchange Control applications and approvals
Cross Border Funding

Our corridors

Facilitating banking and ancillary solutions in other African countries

We facilitate Business Solutions in the African countries where we have a presence. FNB currently has subsidiaries in the following African countries: South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia and Ghana.

How we do business
We can facilitate the opening of an account in these countries, together with online banking access, for a South African based company without them having to leave their offices in South Africa. The representative from FNB Global Business Banking Africa becomes in essence a Global Relationship Manager and looks after a client's banking interests in the applicable African countries. Cross border expansion can be daunting but you can use the experience of the FNB Global Business Banking team to your advantage. We have the necessary expertise to help your company do business in the rest of Africa in line with Exchange Control Regulations.

Assisting Indian companies expanding their businesses into Africa and vice versa

FNB Global Business Banking - India Desk assists Indian companies expanding their businesses into Africa and our African clients looking at expanding their businesses into India. FNB is FRB in India. You can now bank in India without changing banks.

Providing services , and facilitate trade/investment between Africa and China.

FirstRand Ltd has a representative office in Shanghai, China. We provide professional and efficient services to our Chinese clients, and facilitate the flow of trade/investment between Africa and China.

How we do business
We support Chinese companies ensuring they understand South African and African countries' banking rules; and regulations. With internationally dedicated teams who are fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese focused on providing our customers with end to end financial solutions. Our China Desk is also acting as cultural ambassador internally and externally to ensure there is no miscommunication. We also assist South African companies who are planning to invest or trade in China. We provide the necessary guidance, such as risk mitigation on international trade settlement. Should any company wish to invest in China, we provide the relevant authority contact information to speed up the process.

Customer Line
+258 21 355 999

e-mail: business@fnb.co.mz

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